Sculpture in the educational use of sculptor Pia Græsbøll Ottesen.

Released on publishers Buchs in 2007. Apply from 15 years.

An inspirational book for use in teaching. Various sculptural methods are presented and reviewed step by step.

Price 32  Euro. with shipping

"Græsbøll" by sculptor Pia Græsbøll, has been writen in realation with Pia's 20 year anniversary

Price 24 Euro. with shipping

Det søde vikinghjørne

"The Sweet Viking Cornor" in an 2 in 1 danish and english "dessert/baking"  recipes based on ingredients that had 

Price 26 Eruo. with shipping

Ordre on mail: pianano33@hotmail.com

Represented in

6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Lessedra International - Painting and Mixed Media Competition.

European Art Museum 2016 and 2018

MK61 - 2018

Soft Sculpture - Hard Thoughts 2017

15th and 16th Lessedra World Art Print Annual - 2016 og 2017

The 21st Century Art Book 2016

Canaletto Prize, Artistic Carrer Award 2016

Biennale Riviera del Brenta - The land of Canaletto General Artworks katelog 2016

1° International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, General Artworks katelog 2016

Art International contemporary Magazine 2016 marts/april

Art International contemporary Magazine 2016 jan/feb

Land Art Rebild - models and scketches 2012

Tracks in ceramics and Ceramic profiles of Annimi and Ane Maria Holt Schmidt.
Released on publishers Rhodes.

101 artists Editor Tom J. Reference Work.
Released by publishers YES in October 2009.

Handihusbladet Number 5 - juni 2008

Clues of the past - a sculpture rute in Viborg county

Clues in the ceramics, and ceramic profiles by Annimi and Ane Maria Holt Scmidt