Commissioned work is performed

Portraits, drawing work, artwork, decorations, etc.
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2016/17 Online Guidance of artist Sussane Dagmar Olsen

2015/16 Barrel Art design - Project between Glud vin & Randers Event office in occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Randers Week 

2013 Censor v. Bjerringbro exhibition.

2013 photographer Bering, guide to Portrait Now 2013 – Bering was accepted.
2012 Supervisor for Pernille Bjerg Lassen to the Young Talent on the ARoS. Pernille got 2 works accepted.
2012 Dino-Dragon – Hørmarken in the Urban planning v. DR byen.
2012 The modeling task of sculpture for Farmateket in Randers -reference
2010 Private ordering: Pillar decoration in garden fence
2003 Private Ordering: Bares Pixie
1999 Private Ordering: Torso Lady
1999 Private Ordering: Bronze Pig
1995 Poster for the Skagens Museum
1995 Model work for the natural history Museum in Skagen-wild boar family, wild horse and Wolf in str. 1: 10
1994 Scenography and costumes for ' The Ballad of Talkville '. Built in the old Town
1994 Illustrations to the article by Conservator Thorkild Duch.
1993 Illustrations for screenplay by Bente k. Pedersen.
1993 Props to the theater group: ' what is it they are called? '

Moreover, sales to art associations and private persons.