The Bridge

If you choose to study at the workshop "The Bridge"  in Randers, you will experience a positive space, full of laughter and fun solutions. You will experience your own ideas grow out from your creative talent, with help from professional artists, designers, and more. 

The goal with "The Bridge" is, that you are together with other people, age 13-24,who also have a passion for drawing, painting and making sculptures, develops a artisitic language, and creative skills.

you will be planning, together with the other students, what thing you are to work with during the year. Maybe your goal is to make your oppinon heard through Land or Street art? or maybe you dream about meeting an illustrator or architect, so that you are able to get your dream education?

"The Bridge" will give you the beginning, to do whatever it is you dream og, and its free at Randers youth school.

Find os here:  www.facebook.com/Værkstedet-Broen-institut-for-kreativ-udvikling-664381143596910/?fref=ts

 At the moment the classes are: Monday 14:00-20:00 and Wednsday 15:00-20:00. Some saturdays will occur.

Location: Nyholmvej 12, 8930 Randers NE