"Landart in the center" supported by Urkraft 15 v.Værkstedet -Broen institute for creative development

The project 'Land art in the center' consisted of several phases. The first took place over a weekend where workshop bridge built works in cooperation. Then the Road Directorate has given permission for the work to be standing in about 2 weeks. Each day will be taken pictures to document how the work changes. Finally gather images in a folder, as the local print shop.
The work is supported by willow branches and hemp thread - partly to protect the environment, and partly because land art is art and in nature. The construction site is therefore also the green area by Jens Otto Krag Square in Randers whether Surrounded by including Kulturhuset, a Netto, Ungdomshuset Chaos Embassy and VIA University College of Nursing in Randers.

The project was supported by URKRAFT15 Culture Agency