Project Gudenåen

Is the "outcome" of a targeted dissemination project with roots in an artistic practice. The process has been facilitated by the sculptor Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, in collaboration with Randers Nature Center, Environmental and engineering management, Children, School, Cultural internally in Randers Municipality.

Point 0 is created by Hadsund Way School 2 and 4kl. And primary school from kindergarden Bredstrup Gades and Dragon Road. Approximately 120 children, youth, teachers, educators have worked out from what may; nature tell? Culture as related to just this area, legends, plants, animals - life time. The process has been going on in the Nature center and the surrounding area, in a place with the possibility to strengthen and develop spontaneity, curiosity, explore, to seek knowledge, which is subsequently being translated into new track - to leave something of themselves. The process is carried out without fixed rules or focusing on a final result.